Thursday, April 22, 2010

ALDO Nail Lacquer’s

I love to paint my nails simply because it’s a time for me to get creative. Although I keep my make-up routine to a minimal – with smokey eyes paired up with flesh-toned lips and cheeks, I tend to go a little OTT (in a good way, of course) with my nail hues. I usually opt for bright bold hues with prints and patterns without feeling embarrassed one bit. Just name any colour of nail polish and I have it – been there, done that obviously! I got super-excited when I came across this ALDO Spring/Summer 2010 Nail Lacquer Collection on my fave fashion blog nitrolicious.

The colourful pictures were really eye-catching and looked totally delightful too! Sure, I’ve always been an Aldo Addict – all those sky high heels, gorgeous bags and oh-so amazing accessories – how could I possibly say NO to those precious pieces!

For this Spring/Summer Aldo Shoes have introduced a brightly coloured collection of nail polishes. The ALDO Nail Lacquer Collection is produced in USA with the colour pigments having been calibrated in Germany. Packaged in unbreakable bottles, you don’t have to worry about them shattering into pieces if you drop them. Available in fourteen luscious shades, the polish retails at $5 per pop. Even if you might not be a nail colour fan, just one look at these amazing pictures might just make you change your mind.

My favourite shade has got to be Poolside in Malibu – the turquoise blue is vivid and totally Tiffany –esque! Must get my hands on these polishes – if they ever reach our shores, that is.
Which of these pictures do you love best?

Picture credits to: nitrolicious

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