Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Old Town White Coffee Kopitiam - Kota Kemuning (Shah Alam)

23 years in SS2/Sea Park and 1 year in Kota Kemuning?? Oh god, what a contrast, from a happening area to a dead-no life just developing area. I almost went into depression because neighbours preferred to shun behind their fully air-conditioned houses with high walls and big as ever impressive automatic gates. If not for working and occupying myself with blogging and gardening, I would have definitely fallen apart. That's not all. Hardly any decent eateries except for the coffee shops and we used to drive to Subang Jaya every weekend for better food. Then slowly sprung up a few eateries and among them, this faithful old is gold Old Town White Coffee. Never been my favourite but I guess with limited choices for food, you better be good to yourself.
During this time, noodle dishes were the promotion. Such, I ordered the Curry Egg Noodles and Orange Fizzy drink whereas half-half settled for the Assam Laksa and Hot Honey Lemon and of course another extra dish - Curry Samosa. Assam Laksa - yummy with just the right balance of tartness and spiciness fish flavoured thick broth soaking up the laksa noodles and topped with onion pineapple and mint leaves. The humble hot honey was proven as the drink half-half liked.

The Curry Egg Noodles was a wow factor - thick spicy and coconut milk broth with yellow noodles, barbecued chicken, taufu pok, fried wantan and long beans and the refreshing orange fizzy, to washed down the spiciness.
By now we had filled up our stomach, thus the Curry Samosa we packed back, settled the bill for RM25.60 and returned home. Later in the night we tucked into the samosa but sad to say, we should have eaten there and then.  
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  1. old town always packed with people!!!!!! lazy to wait, long queue =(


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