Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Betty’s Midwest Kitchen, Aman Suria

Betty’s Midwest Kitchen is new. Relatively new to the Aman Suria area (the same row as Watson’s) and it offers a menu that offers new (or rather not available in many places) to Malaysians.The interior is kept simple with various sorts of framed pictures. One wall near the entrance’s left featured cute illustrated pictures of pigs. One of them even reads “A Messy Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen”. And of course, there is the red, white and blue of the American flag.

As the name suggests, Betty’s Midwest Kitchen offers food that are traditionally prepared and eaten by people of the American heartland. The menu features a range of Midwest cuisine, from snacks and soups to hearty meals such as casserole dishes, pork ribs and pork bellies.
The waitress (who seemed like she might be one of the owners) suggested the Classic Meatloaf, RM15, and the Mushroom and Root Vegetable Soup, RM10. The Pull-pork Burger, RM12, seemed like a delicious choice, hence it was ordered. For drinks, we opted for Lemonade, RM2.50. The meatloaf was a great choice. The mashed mass of meat and what looked like vegetables was really good and the dish came with perfectly made mashed potatoes and some green peas.
The soup was a really simple soup. Little chunks of mushroom, carrots, onion and coriander made the clear soup. The bowl was rather large and hence, rather filling. It was an okay soup, considering I am not a fan of onions. But the two slices of herbed bread that came with the soup, was crunchy (without being tough) in all the right ways.
The burger was equally hearty. The pork meat looked like it was marinated with barbeque sauce but it was far from it. It tasted like stewed pork, which was interesting. Different from the burgers out there and still extremely palatable.
The lemonade was a bit of a letdown. It could do with more lemon and a little more fizz, to up its appeal. The additional fizz would have made it more refreshing.
We initially brought a bottle of wine, and when asked whether there will be corkage, the waitress said that to be fair, we should order drinks - since us drinking wine would mean loss of income in terms of drinks for them. Sure, the prices in the restaurant fall into the value-for-money category, but really? A glass of lemonade is RM2.50. Yes, it is RM2.50 that they still want. Ironically, if we hadn’t brought the wine, I would have ordered water, which is free – which means they would not have earned that so-wanted RM2.50.

It is just bad business sense. In the end, we did not bother to open the wine (obviously the waitress did not offer to uncork it), since it was a non-alcoholic place and it didn’t feel right and the place was full (sensing that it was time to leave from all the hurried clearing of plates).It would do to be a tad more courteous with regards to the wine, but maybe being calculative is part of the Midwest culture!

Betty’s Midwest Kitchen (non-halal)
A-G-40 Jalan PJU1/43
Aman Suria Damansara
47301, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7880 0186

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