Friday, February 19, 2010

Lady Gaga Barbie Dolls

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” Scott Adams quotes (American Cartoonist, b.1957)

Want to know what Lady Gaga looks like when made into (and with) a Barbie doll? She’ll look like this:

How great is that?? I have to say, my mouth was wide open in awe when I came across these Lady Gaga Barbie dolls; they really did make me go GAGA! The best part about these pretty little things is that they have been DIY-ed by (of course) a Lady Gaga fan – veilk11.

This ladies and gentleman, just goes to show how much creativity one has — rooted deep inside! I can't take my eyes of this guys’ work. Many of the doll’s were inspired by actual Lady Gaga’s out-of-this-world looks; just take a look at the pictures; totally identical, totally creative, just totally freakin’ AWESOME!!

Don’t you wish the Lady Gaga Barbie Dolls were on sale? Well, I most certainly am keeping my fingers crossed! For all you know, Barbie might actually sponsor or offer Veik some kind of contract?? Oh, here’s to hoping. Meanwhile, you can feast your eyes with these lovely-looking eye-candy!

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  1. ohh my goodd...that isso good.... :)

  2. wow, that is so real-lige like. do you mind if I repost this on my blog? I'll link and credit.

  3. what a coincidence... I also just wrote a blog post about Gaga doll, different version...
    BTW, that recipe you just posted look really awesome...


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