Monday, February 1, 2010

Garden Cafe - Summit USJ (Subang Jaya)

Movie and food I suppose are in tandem. Well, at least for me. If no food, how then because honestly, with a growling stomach I can't sit still  in the theatre and within time, I start wriggling like a worm out of hunger. Thus, before movie time, the stomach must be cared for. At Summit USJ,  choices of eateries I won't say are limited but sort of not to our liking. Fast food and what not? Nope. So, up and down we walked and eventually, Garden Cafe (halal), a comfort zone with decent crowd.      

The foreign waiter came with the menu, we looked through and no qualms for the reasonably priced set meals..  
The grilled lala and ikan pari set - white rice, two keropok, a slice of cucumber and calamansi lime and the aluminium parcel with grilled lala, fishy fish, okra and red onion atop and lathered with a vibrant sauce/sambal. Included in this set the ice lemon tea (RM11.00). A hearty meal and indeed worth the price. Taste wise - not the best meal and I won't complain though the lala was rough and tough.  

The ice lemon tea a nice thirst quencher whereas the coffee for the sizzling lamb set - ohhh! The highest diabetes rush which my half-half shouldn't and couldn't drink. Despite gently asking to dilute with hot water, back back to square one. So, the coffee kept aside and we shared the ice lemon tea. As for the sizzling lamb chop (RM15.90) paired with French fries and coleslaw, tasty but portion a little small for other half's hunger.
We tucked in, settled the bill and left as movie gonna start soon. Garden Cafe, we won't mind returning again - food, price, ambiance and service - you got to give them the credit.  

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