Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Gem Of A Getaway In Terengganu - PULAU GEMIA

Gem Island, or locally known as Pulau Gemia – is all its name suggests, if your gem of a vacation means days of serene, dull days. The island is private-owned and one, and only one, resort is majestically perched on the island – Gem Island Resort & Spa.The Resort presents all that you need to unwind. Inspiring nature-sculptured rock formations with terns (seabirds) hovering gracefully above, the prerequisite white sandy beach, sea activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and night squid fishing (yes, you read right… squid), naps on snugly comforting hammocks, and if you are lucky, even spot baby black-tip sharks right off the sea-facing rooms.

The island also does its part for the conservation of turtles. The owners have spared some real estate for turtle eggs incubation and a small pool for baby turtles. What about a pool for us muggles (as JK Rowling puts it)? There’s a small pool for you to dip and it’s also one of the many spots where you can catch some rays. There are also a few stretches of private beach area that are perfect for suntanning.

Pulau Kapas is clearly visible from Pulau Gemia. If you have a cardio-healthy heart, you could possibly swim across! Or better yet, just ditch the heroic swim attempt and hop onto the boat and take in the postcard view.
Pulau Gemia might take some getting used to, especially if you are the type who can barely sit still. But if you love the idea of photographing beautiful rock formations, chilling in the room with hours of HBO, repeated snorkeling or scuba diving and staring into the tranquil horizon, then Pulau Gemia is a great alternative to its other more Googled state-island siblings.
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  1. Wow! They managed to build a resort on that small island,
    i was there at Pulau Kapas long time ago in the 80ies a
    nd we have to camp under the coconut tree.

  2. Beautiful place, I love places surrounded with water and sea animals.


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