Monday, January 25, 2010


When I tell people that I write for FHM magazine, the guys usually respond and say, “You lucky fella,” while the girl’s just give me a calm look with a slightly cheeky smile on their face and say the word “Wow”. But in her mind, she must think that I really love my job.

Truth be to told, I really do love my work at FHM, as the magazine also knows how to throw some very swish and spanking parties. Last Friday (15th January 2010) was no exception, as the magazine hosted the 2010 Girl Next Door Competition. The screening and selection process had been going on for months, but in December 2009, 12 girls were shortlisted. This year, the selection of the winner was based on SMS voting and feedback from a panel of judges, which included the beautiful Andrea Fonseka.

During the event, at a very crowded Ministry of Sound, the girls had to show off their dancing ability and answer some very tough questions from the judges.

In the end, the very charming Yvonne Sim took the award as the 2010 FHM Girl Next Door. Well done to Yvonne, she is a really nice girl with a very promising future in front of her.

I was also on GUA TV duties at this event, so I also had a chance to interview all the contestants. Based on what I heard in the interview, I must say this batch has got some real potential. So watch out for these girls, they certainly have the grit and determination to succeed in this tough but very fun industry.

By Ben Ibrahim
The writer is also a TV Host for GUA TV. He has hosted NTV7’s The Breakfast Show, as well as the 2008 Olympic Games. For more information on this very cool and happening guy, you can view his work at

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