Tuesday, January 26, 2010

C-string Curiosity

Yes, we have all heard of g-strings…but c-strings?? Who would have ever thought that this piece innovative piece of lingerie would ever be invented? Take a look: 

Has your interest piqued just yet? Well the minute I saw the c-string online, I actually could not believe my eyes! Lingerie designers just seem to get more and more creative don’t they? Say bye-bye to tacky panty lines and say hello to a new kind of easy-breezy (excuse the pun!) freedom like no other!

The c-string was first introduced in 2007 and is now available on our shores (precisely as of late last year)! This interesting piece of undergarment provides just the proper amount of coverage sans those uncomfortable panty straps.

Wondering how the c-string stays put? Well, it has a wired internal frame that is specially designed to hug and hold it to your body. There you have it; a secure and comfortable piece of underwear that is fuss-free and undeniably sexy all the way!
Now there’s no need to tug, pull and adjust those annoying straps ever again! It has also been said that the c-string is perfect to be worn in a tanning bed, simply because you won’t get any unwanted tan lines; just how great is that?

If you would like to put this sexy underwear to the test, purchase these babies from Flirty Kinky Lingerie

Material: Acrylic & Spandex

Picture credits.
Flirty Kinky Lingerie 

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  1. then must shave before use.. lol

  2. hahaha interesting but it reminds me of a pantyliner. =D

  3. Better aim well when putting it on! Or I suppose that could be the next, more minimalist version...

  4. I don't think i would be brave enough to trust that to stay where it should lol


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