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Malaysian Indian Business Association (MIBA) - 6th Entrepreneur Award Presentation Ceremony And Dinner

I attended the Malaysian Indian Business Association's (MIBA) 6th Entrepreneur Award Presentation Ceremony and Dinner at PJ Civic Centre on 4th December, 2009.   This is second year I am attending MIBA's award presentation ceremony, last year being my first.  Before writing on the ceremony and dinner, a little background on MIBA will be great to understand the the purposes and objectives of MIBA.

History of Miba
MIBA was formed in 1999, with more than 2500 members nationwide.

The primary objective of MIBA is to assist Indians in all sectors of commerce, creating awareness in the mind sets of Indians on the need to change and adapt current economy in the face of challenges stemming from IT and globalisation, available to both traditional Indian businessmen as well as modern business entrepreneurs.

Miba aims to train and arm its members with better business knowledge and skills in preparing them to deal with relevant government agencies, prospective business partners, and has successfully conducted many seminars and workshops nationwide to equip Indian businessmen with necessary skills to realise this objective.

(MIBA website: http://miba.org.my/ - all further details on MIBA and their support for the Indian community can be found on this website).

This event was organised to award recognition to Indian Entreprenurs throughout Malaysia. I am not sure how the selection process is done and who is selected for each of the states in Malaysia. Everyone attending this event were given a booklet, and from here I read about the background and the success factors of the recipents for the awards.   Congrats and credit to most of these entrepreneurs as their profiles highlights "RAG TO RICHES" success factors.   The recipients are:

Lifetime Achievement Award:
Datuk Lakshmanan Meyyappan
National Nation Building Journalism Award:           
Mr M. Dhurairaj
Global Entrepreneur Award :                           
Dato Mohana Krishnan
National Entrepreneur Award:                        
Mr Vijeyakumar P. Kanagaretham
National Women Entrepreneur Award:                  
Ms. Puvaneswary
National Young Entrepreneur Award:              
Mr Kamaraj Parasuraman
Selangor State Entrepreneur Award:                      
Mr James Thiru
Wilayah Federal Territory Entrepreneur Award:
Mr Louis Martin Pillai
Johor State Entrepreneur Award:         
Mr Selvam Muniandy
Perak State Entrepreneur Award:                     
Mr Raman Othayanan
Penang State Entrepreneur Award:                   
Mr Matthew Maniam Nathan
Sabah State Entrepreneur Award:                     
Dr V. Suppiah
Malacca State Entrepreneur Award:                 
Mr R. Supramaniam

The event kick started by welcome speech of Mr. Sagadevan, Deputy President of MIBA National, next by  MIBA President, Mr. P. Sivakumar,

followed by  Menteri Besar of Selangor, Tan Sri Dato' Khalid Bin Ibrahim

Menteri Besar had to leave early, therefore the recipients went up the stage to shake hands with MB first, later on after dinner was served,they were  presented momentums and certificates by other YBs'. Food for the night was by Crystal Food Caterers Sdn Bhd.  While having dinner, audiences were entertained by  a variety of classical Indian Dancers.  Now the award presentation ceremony begins, each one of the entrepreneurs going up the stage to receive their awards.  Awards were presented by the Indian High Commissioner, YB R. Sivarasa (MP- Subang) and Dr. Xavier Jayakumar (Selangor Government Exco member). 

Some of the pictures of the entrepreneurs' receiving their awards follows, Mr R. Supramaniam (Malacca)

Mr Selvam Muniandy (Johor), with his mother on stage to receive the award

Mr James Thiru (Selangor)

Ms Puvaneswary (Women Entrepreneur) with her husband and mum on stage.
Dato Mohana Krishnan (Global Entrepreneur)

and lastly Datuk Lakshmanan Meyyappan (Lifeme Achivement Award)

and all the entrepreneurs'and YBs' on stage

The night came to an end. It was dissapointing to note that quite a number of people left after dinner and did not witness the awards giving ceremony.

MIBA is open for membership to all Indians in Malaysia with support for budding and future Indian Entrepreneurs.  Keen to join, contact MIBA via their website, those in Selangor the website will be http://www.mibasel.com/

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