Saturday, November 28, 2009

Serandah Waterfall - Hulu Selangor (Selangor)

Certainly I was curious - I have read and I know for a fact that if not thousands, hundreds flock to Serendah Waterfall during weekends and school holidays. So, on this Saturday, I literally forced my other half to drive to Serendah after packing some clothes, just in case we like to splash in the waterfall. After 45 minutes, we reached Serendah town but there was no signboard leading to the waterfall and by then, we were heading towards Kuala Kubu. Thus, we made a u-turn, stopped at Petronas petrol station, asked for direction and then we got lost again at Taman Idaman. Thankfully, the cheerful and pleasant guy on his motorbike told us to drive into the Orang Asli settlement.

Finally we arrived at the waterfall but sadly the surrounding was shabby and dirty and the one and only stall was selling lollipops and nothing else. Anyway, we walked via the bridge, passing by the playground and groups of families were having fun in the waterfall and they sure came prepared with lots of food. The waterfall within the mini jungle by itself is so nice, though the water slightly murky. 

Majority of the people were Indians and Malays and instead of diving into the waterfall, I changed my mind. Also, looking at the dirty toilets, all the more I didn't want to crowd in the waterfall because changing my clothes in front of these people I know is gonna draw attention. For the next 10 minutes or so, we walked around the area and bye-bye to Serendah Waterfall. 

If you are planning an outing at this waterfall, come prepared with food and after splashing in the water, I guess you can hide somewhere to change your clothes. 

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