Friday, November 27, 2009

Krishna Curry House - Jalan 222, Petaling Jaya

Once a month at least we are at Krishna curry house, usually for the banana leaf lunch. Fresh is the word for lunch but dinner, better to order the "cooked on the spot" food like tosai, mee goreng, chappati or roti canai. Banana leaf I won't recommend for dinner because I think the leftover lunch are warmed up and nicely displayed though if you look carefully, you will know what is meant by not fresh. Lunch time of course draws the big crowd, so advisable to arrive earlier without the rush and push to be seated. Parking - you shouldn't be too concern. Ample within where the restaurant is.

The signature dishes at this curry house the claypot lamb and claypot chicken, the must for us. Also, friends have agreed, they are here for the love of these two dishes. Biryani is the other popular take. For us, the humble plain rice for banana leaf with the usual vegetable sides, curries, papadam, rasam and mooru - indeed the standard set as per say with other Indian restaurants.

Then to top up. the pre-cooked items displayed on long shelf. You either go over, stand in front of the shelf and point to what you want. Or let the waiter know and he sure will do the job provided it is not the peak time. While we have already ordered the claypot chicken, sometimes at the spur of the moment greediness is unavoidable. Thus, the plate of brinjal sambal/cooked in chilli gravy and my other half had to order his favorite - claypot lamb bone marrow.  

Lunch opened up with the banana leaf and over it, the sides, rice and with choices as per the day curries. 

We tucked in, looked at each other and agreed - claypot dishes still delicious after many years - tender soft mutton soaked in thick spicy aromatic curry and I suppose the oil floating on top perhaps you can't do anything or scoop and throw aside. Well, with mutton it is the same story when I cook unless patiently the fats are discarded before cooking.   
Equally delicious was the mushy brinjal in the spicy- mildly sweet gravy. The rest of the dishes fared quite right when eaten with rice for a filling hearty meal. We paid RM30.00 and happily walked back to our car parked at the corner of the restaurant. Now that we have moved away from Petaling Jaya, quite a distance to return again as regularly as before. Perhaps once a while still worth the long drive for the claypot lamb and chicken.

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