Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hylexin Dark Circles Eye Cream

For the longest time, an eye cream has and is still an important for my daily beauty regime. Of course when I was younger in my early twenties, a basic cream was sufficient for nourishing and for keeping my eye area fresh-fresh. But as the years caught up and with the stress of the daily grind, sleeping became a struggle. Hence, I am always looking tired and true to say, the dark circles became more prominent. Because of that, I switched to a variety of eye creams and this Hylexing Dark Circles Eye Cream is the current addition. This cream I purchased as it has been raved practically in every other women's magazines for -

The powerful ingredients in Hylexin address dark under eye circles in two ways. First it optimizes enzymatic activities that help the under eye discolouration to fade. Second, it helps to strengthen the capillaries under the skin, preventing future leakage.That was good enough to convince me. Well, as said earlier, my dark circles are pretty bad. I then came over to a popular beauty store, bought the cream and paid almost RM450.00, the most expensive cream I have purchased so far.  
Using the cream is like any other - gently apply twice daily, using a light, circular motion until completely absorbed into your orbital eye area. A tiny bit goes a long way because of its concentrated formula. I was told that once the cream begins to work, I may experience a moderate feeling of warmth. But really, nothing of that sort I felt. It has been almost 3 weeks now and I sure see some changes. My dark circles has lightly lightened, in fact quite a vast improvement. The other plus point is that it moisturises and smells nice. So, I am satisfied with the results yet to repurchase again I am unsure  because of the price.

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  1. so how is the result after u using it. i got a serious dark eyes circle too =(

  2. works wonder, my magic cream for dark eye circles for sure.


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