Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hylexin Dark Circles Eye Cream

For the longest time, eye cream has and will forever remain as the weapon to protect my eyes. Weapon in the sense to defend from fine lines and to possibly blanket my dark circles. Of course, as we ladies in our mid forties should know, when we were younger, a basic cream for a couple of dollars did much justice, basically to uphold the prettiness of our eyes. But the same cannot be said once we become wiser. Wiser? Are you wondering what is it I am actually trying to pinpoint? Well, wiser meaning as age catches, though not necessarily wiser in maturity. Think about it while I move on to Hylexin Dark Circles Eye Cream. My first ever expensive investment, yes it is, believe me, I paid RM450.00, hoping it will do all the good primarily for my dark circles. Now, the question you presumably be asking is "did it?  Hang on, hang on, let's allow Hylexin to speak for itself first.

Hylexin Dark Circles Eye Cream
The powerful ingredients in Hylexin address dark under eye circles in two ways. First it optimizes enzymatic activities that help the under eye discolouration to fade. Second, it helps to strengthen the capillaries under the skin, preventing future leakage.
Hylexin, a gentle white, lightweight formula cream is super smooth. Meaning, the cream packaged in the rather small tube glides on easily, mind you, you just need just tad bit. Yes, just tad bit to circle around the eye area. It will not irritate or tear you up. It shouldn't. No eye cream should do that, this one does keep my eye cream area moist by absorbing into the skin instantly without having to really force it in. Despite being told by the SA that I may experience a slight tingling sensation or a feeling of warmth, thanks Hylexin, on that count, you certainly didn't let me down.

Its been three weeks now since I have been holding Hylexin close to my eyes twice a day, I sure see some gradual improvement on my dark circles. Perhaps call it psychological thoughts because when you spend a substantial amount for such a cream, you actually automatically automate your thinking it is really working. You agree? You disagree? That aside, seriously, Hylexin did lighten my dark circles. So, I am satisfied with the results, but, there is always a but. Will I purchase this cream again? I don't know. I got to consider my-my budget again.

Bye ladies. Don't forget to trend alongside "beauty with nava-k" on every other social media please!!

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  1. so how is the result after u using it. i got a serious dark eyes circle too =(

  2. works wonder, my magic cream for dark eye circles for sure.


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